HSK Productions -Studio Owner/Producer

Z-100 (WHTZ) Radio - New York, NY Commercial Production Director (over 13 years)

Backtrax USA - Weekly 80's retro show with over 250 affiliates. Six time Billboard nominated syndicated program of the year

Aural Impact - Production effects CD with affiliates world-wide

XFX1 & XFX2 - Modern rock production effects CDs with affiliates world-wide

Ear Candy III - Sound Ideas' production effects CD

United Airlines/Airforce One - In-flight music channel

Plaza Heian/Sapporo Beer NY Hot Party - Weekly dance party for Japanese radio

Hitlist with Elvis Duran - Past vacation relief producer

Cineplex Odeon/Loews Theatre - In-theatre intermission music CD

Sweepers/Imaging for various radio stations in USA & Europe

Member of Who's Who in Entertainment

Produced audio for Atlantic's NY pirate radio station

Various mixed music tapes for major concerts & promotional events in New York